Clark James Mishler
The Three Minute Portrait.
Started on the first day of January, 2010, I have produced at least one portrait each day since. The average time for each portrait is 3 minutes. Here are the results.

Portrait 365/112

Posted in Portrait a day by admin on April 25th, 2014

Rebecca Thompson and her dog Clay on the Delanie Park Strip, Anchorage (© Clark James Mishler)

7 PM, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  Rebecca Thompson and her dog Clay on the Delaney Park Strip, Anchorage.

Clay’s Final Week after his diagnosis of osteosarcoma cancer:

Thursday:  Beluga Point were Clay enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze and warm sunshine.
Friday:  Snuggles in bed, hamburger, rice and lots of love.
Saturday:  Bacon infused Milkbone & finished the final .25 miles of my 14 miles with big celebrations at the end.
Sunday:  Walk in the neighborhood with lots of people and yummy snacks along the way.
Monday: Two walks in the neighborhood, REAL bacon treats, and snuggles with fur brother, Yukon.
Tuesday:  Finished his final block of the Downtown Pub Run and then play time on the Delaney Park strip with friends.
Wednesday:  Clay will ride shotgun while we drive thru McDonald for double cheese burger.  Evening BBQ at home to celebrate Clay with those who love him.
Thursday:  This will be the day he will be free from pain and cancer.  He is my “forever” dog who has left paw prints on my heart.

-Rebecca Thompson

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