Clark James Mishler
The Three Minute Portrait.
Started on the first day of January, 2010, I have produced at least one portrait each day since. The average time for each portrait is 3 minutes. Here are the results.

Soft Focus

Posted in Portrait a day by admin on October 10th, 2011

Focus! That was the single word I remember most as a student back at Madison Elementary School in Wyandotte, Michigan. My teachers had a difficult time keeping me in the moment as my eyes tracked the clouds drifting outside the window.

It seems ironic that my photography would eventually place so much importance on focus. I have never much liked to see things perfectly clear. Instead, I prefer images with only one thing, or a small part of one thing, selectively in focus,- leaving the rest of the image soft, dreamy and full of ambiguity.

For the last three years I have been working hard to outsmart my highly technical architectural lenses and to use them not as they were intended. I have been using them instead to creatively limit the focus to one small point within the photograph. Recently, and with some success, I have begun to apply my “funny lenses” to business applications. My clients have found them to be perfect for both print and electronic use. Contact me to find out how we can focus your clients as well.

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