Clark James Mishler
The Three Minute Portrait.
Started on the first day of January, 2010, I have produced at least one portrait each day since. The average time for each portrait is 3 minutes. Here are the results.

Portrait 365/147

Posted in Portrait a day by admin on May 29th, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend at Flat Lake, north of Wasilla, Alaska (Clark James Mishler)

10 PM, May 27, 2011.  Mitzi and Zoey on the dock, Flat Lake, north of Wasilla.  (Photographed with a 24 mm P.C. lens on a Canon 5D)  I like the way the perspective control lenses lend a dreamlike quality to images.  It is a lot of fun using these  lenses to bring focus to a very specific spot, while allowing the rest of the image to fade into soft focus.  I am learning new things about my P.C.  lenses every time I use them.  And, while not easy to use effectively, they offer a great deal of creative latitude.  I doubt that I will ever truly master them, but it is fun trying.

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