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The Three Minute Portrait.
Started on the first day of January, 2010, I have produced at least one portrait each day since. The average time for each portrait is 3 minutes. Here are the results.

Alaska Pride Project

Posted in Portrait a day by admin on December 31st, 2009

Pride Project-8

Being homeless in America can not be easy. Being homeless in Anchorage, Alaska, however, can truly be a struggle between life and death. Alaska’s long, dark, and bitterly cold winters are particularly challenging for the homeless community as the city’s social services are often stretched to the limits.

With the blessings of Bean’s Cafe, a private facility and Anchorage’s largest day time shelter and meal provider, The Pride Project was initiated in August of 2009. It began as a volunteer venture whose goal it was to set up a small studio during the lunch hour and, over a period of six months, produce formal portraits of many of those individuals who comprise Anchorage’s homeless community. The project was born out of the realization that Anchorage’s homeless community rarely had photographs to publish with their obituaries in the daily newspaper. Beyond this basic initial goal, we have been pleasantly surprised to discover how a simple portrait print can lift a person’s spirits and opinion of themselves. Each time we go to Bean’s Cafe, we hand out 4X6 inch Costco prints to those we photographed at our previous session. It became immediately clear that many of Bean’s clients have not had a photo of themselves in many years and some, perhaps, never. This realization has, for all of us involved, made the project more important than ever.

I am not a social worker nor am I trained to assist the homeless. I have seen, however, how a small portrait print can put a smile on a face and contribute an amount of dignity for individuals who have fallen through the cracks. I hope you enjoy the images.

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